Growing in the Greenhouse

Posted on: April 13th, 2011 2:22 PM

Our second year of planting in our greenhouse has begun with the arrival of spring! The greenhouse provides both plants for our gardens, as well as educational experiences for the young adults at Abba’s House.

The greenhouse has focused on heirloom plants: the kind of plants that have seeds that can be harvested and planted again. This type of plant has not been cross-bred for appearance or other cosmetic features; however, some would say that the produce from these plants tastes the best! Some of the seeds have been planted so far, and these plants will be transplanted into our gardens this spring for growth to full maturity.

This year brings new experiments! One of these new projects is learning how to hand pollinate so that fresh vegetables can be grown and harvested year round. This will provide fresh, hand-picked vegetables for our young adults through the winter months next year. A section has been dedicated to growing herbs this year as well. These herbs will be used in the kitchen for meal preparation, and will teach our young adults about the different kinds of herbs, and proper cooking and flavoring with each kind.

Those who work in the greenhouse have natural life lessons that they are able to teach our young adults, using the tiny plants as examples. They can connect how the tiny plants need proper nourishment and the right environment to grow into healthy, strong plants that are able to bear healthy fruit. The same principles can be applied to life: the time that each young adult spends at Abba’s House will provide them with the proper nourishment for their mind and spirit, and give them the opportunity to grow into healthy, strong individuals who can make a difference in their world for the Lord.