Harry’s Heritage Maple Syrup

Posted on: April 1st, 2013 8:26 PM

Abba’s House has a Sugar Shack!! This was a long term dream of Mr. Harry’s! His desire was to teach our kids the age old tradition of tapping maple trees, gathering sap and cooking it down into beautiful tasty syrup.

This fall the sugar shack was placed in the woods, Harry & Dan made a trip to Mason, Michigan to pick up our wood fired evaporator and all the needed supplies to tap trees and process the sap.

Even though Harry went on to be with the Lord, Mr. Dan and Mr. Bill have carried his vision for the sugar bush forward. They have watched syrup making videos and made site visits to other syrup producers. Hours upon hours have been put in by many different people to bring the sugar shack into reality, from laying the floor, to installing firebrick to cutting and splitting wood for the burner.

On Good Friday we gathered at the shack for a time of prayer dedicating it to the Lord and in honor of Mr Harry. The evaporator was fired up for the first time to begin to process the sap from the 60 trees that the boys have tapped. As of this moment we have gathered some 500 gallons of sap and the sweet smelling aroma of Harry’s Heritage Maple Syrup is rolling out of the shack into woods.