You’ve got to be “Kid”ding!

Posted on: May 3rd, 2013 2:26 PM

Spring is always an exciting time around campus! Two of our female goats have had babies “kids” in the last week. Bernice presented us with twins, a large strapping boy and a very tiny little girl. The boy “Daniel” is definitely his fathers son, the girl Talitha (which means little girl) needed a little help from her humans to make it the first few days. Our residents watched the birth and then took part in doing hourly feeds with her, helping her to gain strength. She was bottle fed and then they helped her attach and nurse on her momma. She has won the hearts of everyone here and as you can see from the picture below Grayson is enjoying her immensely. Our residents learned so much and came together as a team in helping her to live, they marvel at their part in her life. There have been awesome teaching moments along the way this week, in recognizing our need for help from the Body of Christ-mom needed help for her little one to make it and the little one needed help to make it! It was a beautiful sight to see.

Yesterday (on the National Day of Prayer) our youngest goat Lilly, a first time mom delivered a cute baby girl. The residents were there to watch again, how Lilly needed some help to deliver her very large baby. There was full agreement by all  she was named Mercy-as we had all been crying out during the day for mercy on the National Day of Prayer.