Admissions Process

Abba’s House has a four-step admissions process. Admission into the program at Abba’s House typically takes about three weeks.


The first step is a preliminary interview. This can be done over the phone, or by filling out the admissions interview form. Completion of this interview over the phone typically takes 20-30 minutes. When filling out the form online, please make sure that answers are as complete as possible. This helps our staff to have a full understanding of the issues going on with your youth. A staff member will be in contact with you after the submission of your interview to go over any areas that are unclear and to answer any preliminary questions that you may have. Your interview is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

Admissions Interview Form »


The second step is a visit to Abba’s House’s campus. We require that the parents and the youth come together for this visit. Included in this visit will be a tour of Abba’s House’s property, a meeting with our staff, and an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about Abba’s House’s program. It is important in the midst of such big decisions for you to be well informed about Abba’s House, its staff, and its program. All parents with custody must consent to placement of the youth; this visit must be scheduled in advance. There is no charge for the tour and visit.


The third step is evaluation. Abba’s House requires a total of four sessions for your family prior to intake with one of our staff. Two sessions will be with the young adult, and two with the parents. One parent session and one youth session can be scheduled on the same day to accommodate travel to Abba’s House; however, each pair of sessions must be scheduled a week apart. These sessions are an important part of the relationship-building process, and assist the team with evaluating your family’s situation in order to provide you with a recommendation. The charge for each session is $55.


If the recommendation from the administrative team is for placement in Abba’s House’s program, the last step of the process is a financial meeting with the Executive Director. An individualized action plan will be put into place for your family and an intake date will be set.

If you are from out of state, we understand that trips to Abba’s House’s property are more difficult. Please call Abba’s House at 231-946-5350 for more information on the intake process.

While Abba’s House is not a crisis center, we realize that sometimes parents may need to move quickly, and can accommodate this. In extreme cases Abba’s House has admitted new students in as little as 4 hours. However, it usually takes longer in order to gain trust with the young adult and to allow them time to feel safe in the new environment.