Frequently Asked Questions

What does the process of healing look like?

The staff at Abba’s House believes that there is no lasting healing outside of the healing that Jesus brings. Prayer is an important part of the process, as well as spending regular times in worship and Bible study. Each youth have one on one time in mentoring relationships to help them grow and work through the areas that brought them to Abba’s House. Through this discipleship and modeling of a relationship with Christ, the youth are able to grow in their own personal relationships.

How much is tuition at Abba’s House?

Abba’s House is a non-profit ministry that relies on supporters’ giving. No state or federal aid is accepted. Because of this, it is important for families to participate in the financial piece of their young adult’s stay. However, Abba’s House does not want to turn away anyone because of financial issues. The initial fee for the program is $3500 and Abba’s House encourages families to seek help from family and friends if this is a hardship. Part of the intake process includes a financial meeting where a realistic contribution from the family can be determined. While it costs $3500 per month for a youth to stay at Abba’s House, support is available. We do not want finances to be the obstacle to hinder families from getting the help that they need.

Are you affiliated with a particular denomination?

No. Abba’s House is an interdenominational ministry made up of Christians who believe in a personal relationship with Jesus. The staff and families at Abba’s House come from all different churches and backgrounds.

What ages do you accept at Abba’s House?

Young adults at Abba’s House range anywhere from ages 13-21.

Does Abba’s House take pregnant girls?

No, Abba’s House does not take girls who are pregnant. The facility and schedule are not set up to care for the specific needs that pregnant mothers have.

What is the length of stay for a young adult at Abba’s House?

The length of stay at Abba’s House depends completely on the individual situation. Some young adults are at Abba’s House for about eight months; others are here for eighteen months. The length of stay is determined on an individual basis depending on the depth of the healing that is needed and the willingness of the young adult and their family to work on the issues that brought them to Abba’s House.

What is school like at Abba’s House?

Hope Academy is Abba’s House’s on-campus school. Hope Academy uses curriculum from School of Tomorrow, a stellar homeschool program that is used around the world. Young adults are placed in the specific classes that they need depending on their grade level and ability. Due to the flexible nature of the curriculum, each student has the opportunity to catch concepts and material that they missed previously. The school day is from 9 to 3:30, and young adults participate in both academic work as well as life skill courses throughout their day. Life skills can range from art classes to cooking to automotives to horticulture, and give the young adult hands-on experiences to help them grow. School is held year-round, giving students the opportunity to catch up if they are behind, and allowing flexibility to participate in fun activities from time to time. Young adults that complete the requirements for graduation are able to earn their high school diploma from Hope Academy.

If the young adult has graduated from high school prior to enrollment, or completes high school before completion of the program, Bible courses at a college level are available.

What if the family or the youth are not Christians?

Abba’s House does not require the youth or the parents to become Christians. Abba’s House’s program is based on Christian principles and values, and both the youth and parents will be exposed to Christian beliefs during their stay.

Do the young adults wear uniforms?

Young adults are required to wear Abba’s House uniforms consisting of an Abba’s House shirt and, depending on the weather, an Abba’s House sweatshirt. Gym uniforms are also provided. Young adults earn the privilege of not wearing a uniform in the last phase of the program.

What is a typical day like?

On a typical day, the young adults get up at 6:30am. Breakfast is at 7:15, and chores and devotions are completed before school. School begins at 9:00 am, and continues until 12:30, and then resumes after lunch until 3:30. The young adults participate in gym class after school, followed by devotions and dinner. Evening activities vary from day to day.

What is the diet like at Abba’s House?

Abba’s House is committed to helping each young adult become healthy in all aspects of life, including their physical bodies. Three well-balanced meals are eaten each day, and the young adults take turns participating in preparing the meals.

What if a young adult does not want to go to Abba’s House?

Abba’s House is aware that most young adults are not excited about giving up time from their lives to change. The staff is sensitive to the amount of changes that a new resident is experiencing, and work with them to make the transition as smooth as possible. Abba’s House is not a lockdown facility, however, so if a young adult chooses to run away, the local police are called and a runaway report is filed.

What do you do if a youth leaves the program without approval?

For the young adult’s protection, Abba’s House will contact the parents immediately. Local police will be contacted as well for the young adult’s safety.

How are the young adults supervised?

Abba’s House provides staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to be with the young adults. These staff walk through the daily activities with them, and a staff is on duty overnight with each house of young adults. Homes for the males and the females are in separate parts of the campus.

What if the young adult is on medication?

Parents must let Abba’s House know if their young adult is on any prescribed medication. Staff from Abba’s House administers all medications, and they are stored in a secure location.

What do the young adults do for fun?

Young adults at Abba’s House participate in a wide variety of fun activities including swimming, playing sports, playing games, special outings, bonfires, and creative activities planned by the house staff. Young adults typically participate in one or two trips to conferences during their stay as well.

How can parents be supportive of their young adult while at Abba’s House?

First and foremost, Abba’s House encourages their parents to pray for their young adult. Parents are strongly encouraged to write to their youth regularly. Mail is an important part the day, and is uplifting and encouraging. Participation in all aspects of Abba’s House’s program, such as visits and parenting groups, encourage the young adult that their parents are in the process of healing with them, and helps the individual get the most out of their stay.

Who can visit or write to the young adult?

Since Abba’s House is focused on family restoration, visits and mail are restricted to family for the majority of the youth’s stay. It is a season for the young adult to get to know their family better and to focus on these relationships. Visits are initially restricted to parents and occasionally siblings as the young adult needs the opportunity to develop these relationships first. Extended family will have more contact as progress is made through the program. At the end of the program, visits with approved friends will be incorporated to help develop healthy friendships.

Do the young adults get to go home for holidays?

Holidays are an important time for families to connect. Abba’s House determines times with families over each holiday on a case by case basis, depending on the young adult’s progress in the program.

What is the success rate at Abba’s House?

Many parents are interested in specific statistics regarding success rates of graduates from Abba’s House’s program. Determining what constitutes success is fairly subjective, and attempting to quantify this into statistics can be misleading. How well a young adult does after completing Abba’s House’s program depends largely on the parents and their commitment to change. The more willing parents have been to take a hard look at the issues that brought their family to Abba’s House and to work on these issues, the more likely it is that the young adult will succeed after Abba’s House. Often a major part of this is making significant changes at home. When parents are not committed to Abba’s House’s program, it is more typical that the youth will struggle after completing the program.

Most young adults go through ups and downs after graduating from the program; however, this is true for all people. Abba’s House’s goal is to equip the young adults and parents for handling these ups and downs appropriately and to seek the Lord as they encounter each situation.