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Joshua Village: Residential Program »

Abba’s House’s residential program focuses on giving each young adult the time and opportunity to grow and heal. Housestaff live in the houses with the residents and participate in day-to-day routine…
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Hope Academy »

The school uses curriculum from School of Tomorrow, a world-wide homeschooling program, and offers each student the opportunity to catch up in areas that they are behind, and the potential to get ahead… Tour Hope Academy »

Root Cellar »

The staff at Abba’s House knows that in tough economic times, it is important to be prepared and to be as economical as possible. The root cellar was completed this year, providing storage for fruits and vegetables all winter long, and is currently the largest root cellar in the state of Michigan…
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Greenhouse »

The greenhouse is part of the life skills program for the residents. Vegetables and flowers are grown from seed, providing both practical skills as well as object lessons for the young adults that participate. An annual plant sale is held in the spring, and the funds raised help offset the costs for families at Abba’s House… Tour the Greenhouse »

Gardens »

Abba’s House plants vegetable gardens each year, and the produce from the gardens is stored in the root cellar to be used year around. Young adults participate in all aspects of the gardening from planting to harvest… Tour the Gardens »

Elijah House: Counseling/Admin »

The lower level of Elijah House accommodates the administrative staff and the prayer counseling department. Weekly prayer counseling is offered to parents, and each young adult participates in counseling and prayer ministry regularly during their stay… Tour Elijah House: Counseling/Admin »

Joel Center: Life Skills »

Young adults participate in areas such as restoration of vehicles, woodworking and making knitting needles, and screen-printing t-shirts all as part of the life skills program… Tour Joel Center: Life Skills »

Proposed Esther Village »

Part of Abba’s House’s vision is to provide residential housing for up to 50 young adults. This vision includes a second cluster of cottages called Esther Village, which would provide housing for up to 24 young adults… Tour Proposed Esther Village »

Prayer Room »

Abba’s House has an on-campus prayer room, providing a place to spend quiet time with the Lord for the young adults and staff. Chapels and teachings are also held on a regular basis, allowing each young adult to grow in their relationship with the Lord…
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Physical Fitness »

Gym class is an important part in the young adult’s day, providing each with exercise and an opportunity to become physically fit. Gym activities include football, soccer, basketball, swimming, lifting weights, and aerobic workouts…
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